25 Oct

When I was a child, savvy corporate marketers had not yet realized the valuable commercial aspects of Halloween. There were no in-store displays, no special candy packaging, no store-bought costumes, not even a decorated plastic bag to carry. No, my generation had to tough it out with homemade costumes and a paper grocery bag . . .

This is the opening paragraph of my memoir piece about Halloween — titled Halloween is in the Air — which now appears in Grand Magazine. It will be online through the 31st and then archived at Grand Magazine.

The editor has generously extended a free subscription to all of you who read this blog. Feel free to use this special link to go read the rest of my article and check out the rest of the magazine while you’re there.

Once you click this link, go halfway down the front page to the section Grand News. Halloween is in the Air is the third article listed. Just click on it to read the article.


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One response to “Halloween

  1. Stuart Lakernick

    October 26, 2011 at 7:44 pm

    Hey Lynne,
    The candy bars are half the size they used to be. Besides the commercial aspect of Halloween, the costumes of our youth were tame compared to today. It seems like it is a license for young girls to dress up VERY slutty.


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